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Artist Statement

What we perceive and do with our hands will echo in time. As one studies craft and design turning their ideas into finished products; they start to reach through history to commune with craftspeople that have gone before. 


I had the great experience of working for and learning from master shipwright Ferdinand (Red) Nimphius, who helped me understand the value of passing on information to the next generation; those who are willing to work and become part of the craft tradition. Not only are we expressing ourselves through craft, but the artifacts we create and leave for others to study and understand is our legacy for the future, and our connection to the past. 


Because the tree once lived, every cutting of new wood is dynamic, a challenge to combine the best flow of grain with design and so honor the beauty and life of the tree. The patron and the artisan then become partners in this unique and timeless relationship simply called craft.


-Michael Doerr

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